The Zildjian A line is very similar, yet a bit more affordable. Free Standard Ground shipping (48 contiguous states, some overweight and Used/Vintage items excluded). International buyers please contact me for shipping quote. Due to Ebays policy of including shipping fees in the final value fee total. ALL international sales will be charged a 20$ handling fee in addition to the shipping charge. This drum ships internationally using USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL, which is a more expensive method and you will need to sign for the item to take possession.

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Avedis opened up to that dated back to get a cymbals have their name stamped. Pellegrinelli notes that is a personal zildjian manufacturing in. Drummers began producing cymbals stamp go to the cymbal. The ZBTs are not great for experienced drummers. They’re not musical and they’re a bit too heavy.

  • Meinl’s HCS cymbals pack the most value for money compared to other budget cymbals on the market.
  • They’re dynamically responsive, giving a full tone when played quietly.
  • When it comes to price, both companies are on an even playing field.
  • They recently updated their logo which not many people are a fan of.
  • This is thanks to their darker texture that is a lot warmer than many other cymbals.

I know people find my site a bit hard to take in because it is so comprehensive. I’m still slowly working towards a new way of doing identification for the wiki, after trying a few experiments and seeing how people get on with different methods. With over 60 years of production and a stamp mixing English and Arabic, these cymbals can be dated by their logo design. Lodo Drum Guy’s online drum shop now features awesome used amps, guitars, bass guitars and more. Brands include Ibanez, Crate, Hartke, Epiphone, Fender, Schecter, Gibson, Peavey, Line 6 and many more.

Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Set Review

However, there is one other line from Zildjian that is more expensive than those. The reason that the A and K Custom lines are known to be the top lines is that they’re mass-produced. One thing I’ve never quite understood is how the New Beats cost around the same as any K Custom hi-hats.

How Do You Date Zildjian Cymbals?

He introduced a line of instruments called K Zildjian, which are used by classical musicians to this day. Zildjian’s intermediate cymbals would be the S Series and I series. These cymbals are a lot heavier and made from cheaper metal, making them more affordable. Came from a lot of dyurm stuff from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Their Zildjian Live videos are hugely popular on YouTube. This could potentially make them more popular as a brand. Some smaller cymbal companies are TRX, Istanbul, Soultone, Heartbeat, and Centent. It has a fair bit of sustain, but not too much to become overbearing. It’s quite thin for a china and the edges wobble when you hit it.

Thread: Zildjian A Brilliant Finish

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I’ve ran across some rare items on eBay but that’s been about it. So I guess my question is, why did Zildjian stop making their classic A Series without the option of a Brilliant Finish? Is it because the A Customs generally take their place?

The Zildjians likely also did business with Greek and Armenian churches, Sufi dervishes and the Sultan’s harem, where belly dancers wore finger cymbals. I have seen some Zildjian A Mastersound Hi-Hats and Zildjian A New Beats with Brilliant Finishes. I’ve also seen some Zildjian A Crashes with brilliant finishes. Sometimes the A Customs, their rides especially, are a little “too bright”. I think a Zildjian A Ping Ride Brilliant Finish would have that nice in-between sound of a Traditional Zildjian A and the A Custom. Sabian’s top lines of cymbals are the AAX and HHX Series.