Getting a baby boy is a dream for many women of all ages. They may want to try all the things they can to enhance the chances of conceiving a boy. They have not uncommon for some to make hundreds of dollars about medical procedures in the hope of influencing the partner’s sexual activity.

There is absolutely no such element as a uncomplicated way to conceive a boy, although there are some tips you can try which have been proven to improve your chances. Some of these include:

The Shettles Method was designed by American doctor Landrum B. Shettles in the 1960s. It includes several dietary adjustments and some help on sex positions. It is based on a theory that Con chromosome ejaculation are the the majority of suitable for farming sperm, and that female orgasms help them to fertilize an egg.

The Shettles approach also includes a few advice in the best sexual activity position for the boy. The best is the missionary position, which can be where the ejaculate gets closer to the egg.

The best having sex position for any boy is definitely not one that is proven by science. It may be a good idea to experiment with different positions and see what works best suitable for you.

The best sexual activity position to get boys is the most obvious. If you have difficulty penetrating your partner, the “Doggie Style” is a good option. This position allows you to keep the legs spread out over his shoulders, giving him extra support.

This position also allows you to control the depth of your penetration. You will also find other making love positions which were proven to improve your chances of conceiving a boy.